Comodo Internet Security (Premium)

Versions: 10

Developer: Comodo Group

For Windows: 32|64-bit XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Languages: English etc.

Rated by 8.9 / 10

Where to download: Go to download

License: Free

Latest version:


Баллов: 1Баллов: 2Баллов: 3Баллов 4Баллов: 5Баллов: 6Баллов: 7Баллов: 8Баллов: 9Баллов: 10 9.33 / 10 (3)

About antivirus "Comodo Internet Security (Premium)":

Comodo Internet Security (Premium) — this a qualitative free antivirus with multilevel protect system. Most of functions work in background mode so you can be sure that nothing would prevent your ordinary usage of computer. Comodo Internet Security is completely free for personal and commercial use.


This program often appears on first place in different ratings of free antivirus software. Comodo differs from many other antivirus software because of its wide set of additional functions. You can additionally use:

  • improved Task Manager;
  • Host Intrusion Protection System;
  • sandbox for suspicious programs.

User can set up his own preferences or use default settings, pre-installed in Comodo Internet Security.


This program is able to protect your PC from:

  • worms;
  • zero-day attacks;
  • trojans;
  • different spyware.

In addition, it prevents buffer overflows and prevents hacker’s interference. Downloading this software, you receive a full and powerful protection tool, able to work on different directions. Along with friendly design, it becomes a good choice for defense.

Comodo Internet Security (Premium) - download for free 2018

Download: Comodo Internet Security Premium 10 (online installation)
Downloaded: 96, size: 15 B, date: 04.23.2018
Download: Comodo Internet Security Premium 10
Downloaded: 131, size: 72.7 MB, date: 04.23.2018
Installation files are checked by antivirus and submitted to the download without changes.
If you found a newer version of the presented antivirus, let us know on the discussion page.

What's new in the latest version

  • The problem with certificate checking, observed in version, has been fixed. Now the rating scan must detect unreliable certificates.
  • If you upgrade the Windows operating system to Windows 10, CIS will automatically update the drivers to compatible with Windows 10 drivers, without requiring user intervention. Comodo Secure Shopping will also be updated to version 1.3.442656.138.
  • Updated Comodo Secure Shopping v1.3.442656.138 is compatible with the HVCI function, which by default is disabled in Windows RS4.

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