Avast Security for Mac OS

Version: 13.5 (2018)

Developer: AVAST Software

For MacOS: 10.9 and newer

Languages: English etc.

Rated by Netvirusu.net: 8.3 / 10

Where to download: Go to download

License: Free

Latest version: 13.5 (5a59486c66bc)


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About antivirus "Avast Security for Mac OS":

Many users think that the only thing, which they have to afraid – is malware. In reality, you also can suffer from dangerous WEB-sites and unprotected WI-FI networks. Avast Security for Mac OS provides a full protection which won’t let them influence on your device.


This program is very efficient because of its wide set of work. Avast not only checks file system, but also monitors browsers and your email. In addition, this program checks your downloads and locks all suspicious files.

For those users who needs more company prevents Pro version with wider functional.


One of the biggest advantages is function of Wi-Fi network checking. Now you can notto worry about your connection – application would independently check for your security.

This program easily:

  • locks spy programs;
  • delete viruses;
  • find other malware applications.

Any extortion program automatically locks – all your data is safe and always available for personal usage.

All this happens in real time so you do not need stop usage of device just for checking to security state.

Avast Security for Mac OS - download for free 2018

Download: Avast Security 13.5
Downloaded: 579, size: 11.7 MB, date: 04.23.2018
Installation files are checked by antivirus and submitted to the download without changes.
If you found a newer version of the presented antivirus, let us know on the discussion page.

What's new in the latest version 13.5 (5a59486c66bc)

  • Fixed the setting of protection from cryptographers. Now the corrector is added folders for protection even for new accounts. Fixed ransomware setup.
  • A list of trusted processes has been updated to reduce false alarms from encryption on the High Sierra.
  • Fixed login for some users.
  • Fixed Firefox crash after installing with a web screen.
  • Bug fixes

Useful links and other information:

Minimum system requirements:

  • Intel-based Mac processors

It should be noted that Avast Security will not work correctly if you have other anti-virus software installed. We strongly recommend that you uninstall any previously installed antivirus software.

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