AVG Internet Security

Versions: 2018, 2016

Developer: AVG Technologies

For Windows: 32|64-bit XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Languages: English etc. (22 languages are available)

Rated by Netvirusu.net: 8.2 / 10

Where to download: Go to download

License: Free

Latest version: 18.3.3051


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About antivirus "AVG Internet Security":

The AVG internet Security suite covers all the spheres you may need protection for. It includes an antivirus scanner, a ransomware protector, webcam protection, web and email shields, a firewall, and a data crypt for private files. The set is quite versatile for all actual risks.

The suite offers five types of scanning: general scan, deep scan, USB/DVD, boot time or selected files/folders. This flexible system helps to keep the resources required minimal with the best effect possible. The suite tracks your online activity and warns you if you’re taking a risky action. Its firewall prevents outer invaders from breaking into your PC. Webcam protection is also worth highlighting, as it blocks access to your camera for the applications you don’t trust.

The system requirements are low, as the suite is compatible with Windows XP and up to 10. It’s quite good both with outdated and with latest hardware. While working, it virtually doesn’t affect the productivity.

The developer is owned by Avast now, so both products benefit from sharing the common malware database. The threats are recognized with high speed and precision.

Bonus features include file shredder and access to additional features (VPN and system utilities) that can be purchased separately.

AVG Internet Security - download for free 2018, 2016

Download: AVG Internet Security 2018 (online installation)
Downloaded: 356, size: 1 B, date: 04.25.2018
Download: AVG Internet Security 2018 (32-bit)
Downloaded: 327, size: 1 B, date: 04.25.2018
Download: AVG Internet Security 2018 (64-bit)
Downloaded: 404, size: 1 B, date: 04.25.2018
Download: AVG Internet Security 2016 (32-bit)
Downloaded: 108, size: 229.5 MB, date: 04.25.2018
Download: AVG Internet Security 2016 (64-bit)
Downloaded: 190, size: 253.4 MB, date: 04.25.2018
Installation files are checked by antivirus and submitted to the download without changes.
If you found a newer version of the presented antivirus, let us know on the discussion page.

What's new in the latest version 18.3.3051

  • Fixed an interface crash when starting the program after restarting the computer.
  • If silent mode is enabled, notification notifications will be added to the notification center.
  • The new Webcam Protection component (only for AVG Internet Security) checks which applications are trying to access the camera in 3 modes.
  • Updated Quarantine – it became part of the main interface and is easily accessible from the main menu.
  • Improved low-level optimization for AMD Ryzen processors.
  • Fixed bugs found.

Useful links and other information:

To activate AVG Internet Security, you can use the following license number:


This license (activation code) is absolutely legal, as it is issued as a “promo-action”.

You can activate in the next section:
My products> My subscription> Enter number

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